Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Discoveries in 2019

I’m back again with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this week’s topic is about bookish discoveries I made in 2019!


Bookie Trials Readathon

So, the Bookie Trials was announced to run during July which is a fantasy based readathon that was so lovingly made. There are four teams- Outlaws, Scribe, Bard or Mage and you take a quiz to see what group you’re in and you complete the prompts of that team with a strength and weakness during your Quest!

I absolutely loved taking part in this readathon, I loved connecting with others and was the first time I started using Discord to chat to other book lovers and it was so fun being part of a wider community racing to finish their books.

Unfortunately, I didn’t read every teams books (which would’ve been cool to accomplish but I was so busy in August but the 2020 quest. I’m going to do it! I also took part in their Winter Quest which was to try and complete all the prompts with as few books as possible and turns out Girls of Storm and Shadow fit that! I joined another Discord group and chatted about each part of the book which was so nice, it felt like a little book group!



So in July I discovered Discord because of The Bookie Trials and then used it throughout August for the Disney-a-Thon and I joined other groups such as a UK Readathon group so I can support more booktuber, bloggers etc in the UK.

Then there was a Book and Tea one I joined to chat about anything and everything- books, games, artwork, journaling and more. I’m don’t use Discord as much as other social media but i’m going to work on it and participate more!


Sporting Graphic Novels

So, I read Fence by C.S Pacat after wanting to read it for the most of this year and I was immediately obsessed with this series. It felt like an anime but the sporting aspect was really interesting not to mention the fact I want to do Fencing at some point. I loved the drama, the intense ambition and competitiveness but also everybody making friends and being there for one another.

I want more of this so if anyone knows of any good sporting graphic novels similar to Fence, then please let me know (I need to get Check Please next!)


Tor Books

From September onwards, I kept seeing many books being released by Tor all over Twitter and I was curious. It sound silly but I kept seeing this thin Fantasy books and I wanted them. They look so aesthetically pleasing but most Fantasy novels I read are so long and I need to experience new world under 200 pages long and see how?! So, I’m going to do some research on what books I would like to read and buy some next year!


Rediscovering Old Loves of Mine

I read Tokyo Ghoul many years ago and went through a phase of it, reading up to Re, where I got confused from there and stopped but I decided to reread it again the other month and finding vol 1 in a charity shop. Once again, I was re-obsessed and read nine volumes in eight days… I then watched the tv show and fell in love with the songs all over again so that was my life during the end of November.

I did realise that I miss reading graphic novels and want to get back into it and trying new series’ instead of rereading Black Butler for the fourth time in a row!


Book Blogger Spreadsheet by Reader Voracious

Reader Voracious posted on Twitter this amazing spreadsheet for book bloggers on Google Docs where you track everything and I mean everything.

If you want to keep track of future releases, books read (including genres, publishers, page count and more), blog stats, book hauls and more then I really recommend this as you update it and it helps keep and idea of how many books you obtained, how much you spent and more.

I am determined to keep on top of this and will update it weekly so I have the most up to date information I can!



So I knew about blogging before this year but 2019 was such a pivotal time into my deciding to have a book blog and keep up with it. I don’t consider myself great at this thing but I enjoy it so much, writing about topics and books that I’m interested about and connecting with others, and growing the blog overall. It is such a great way for to help my brain and skills with having something I both enjoy and can focus on, developing my writing skills and how to develop a voice on this blog. So let’s hope that 2020 is the year I find my niche and live my best life blogging!



So with blogging comes along with other bloggers and I thought I’d include a list of some of my favourite bloggers:

  • Anniek’s Library
  • The Book Prescription
  • Nothern Plunder
  • The Book Corps


What are some bookish discoveries you made in 2019?


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